JetBlue Passenger Goes Wacky, Causes Plane to be Diverted

Just days after a JetBlue flight attendant dramatically lost his temper at New York's JFK airport, a passenger on a flight from Boston to the Dominican Republic had what's being described as an "anxiety attack," forcing her flight to be diverted.

The Associated Press reports the women became so unruly the plane landed at Washington-Dulles Airport so she could be removed.

A JetBlue spokesman says the Transportation Security Administration and local law enforcement were notified and the passenger was taken into custody. She was later released, and no charges were filed.

Several passengers say the woman, who may have been in her late teens, was behaving oddly on the plane.

"She began to yell that someone had stolen her money," says Victor Pimentel, 45. He says she called for flight attendants then hit a male attendant with her fists when he came to help.

The woman also spat at one of the attendants, another passenger, tells AP.

The flight attendants responded quickly and moved the woman to another seat, tied her hands and calmed her down.

No one was hurt, and the plane did eventually reach Santo Domingo.

In an incident earlier last week, JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater was angered by a passenger, grabbed a beer and slid down the emergency chute of a parked jet at JFK.

Photo, mrkathika, flickr
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