Increase your Treasure Isle backpack space with balloons

Treasure Isle Hot Air Ballons
Treasure Isle Hot Air Ballons

A new update rolled out in Treasure Isle over the weekend, which included the new Gem Mine, and also a slew of new hot air balloon decorations. These aren't your typically scenery-style decorations though; these balloons will grant you +10 to your backpack space! Does it get much better than that? My backpack is near full simply with all the collectibles I find doing Monkey Palace and the volcano. These balloons are a neat way to make your island look great, plus give you some added functionality of extra space. The drawback? They're 40 Island Cash each, so it will not be cheap to get your hands on one of these balloons. Here is the full list of new balloons:

Rainbow Balloon
Starry Balloon
Anvil Balloon
Steampunk Balloon
Strawberry Balloon
Checker Balloon
Kittens Balloon
Pink & Blue Balloon

The balloons are only available for a limited time - they will be leaving the store in 4 days. At this point, we're unsure if there is a limit on how many of these will affect your bag space. For example, if you buy 10 balloons will you get 100 more storage slots? If you're brave enough to spend lots of money on these and buy more than one, let us know how many additional bag spaces you unlock!