FarmVille: What is Spirit Level?

FarmVille Freak Joe's Spirit Level 3
FarmVille Freak Joe Lowett was farming when they saw an interesting notice above their farmer avatar that stated "Spirit Level 3″
"Today i was fertilizing a friend's farm when I noticed a strange, round shadow following my avatar as he walked from plot to plot. I was curious so I started moving my avatar around the farm to find the shadow follows me from place to place. To my surprise when I hovered over it it revealed a highlighted area saying it was "Spirit Level 3″. Here are some screen shots please let me know what they are!!!" – FarmVille Freak Joe Lowett
FarmVille Freak Joe's Spirit Level Sing
Is FarmVille gifting their farmers with spirits soon? Have you experienced the "Spirit Level" notice on your farm?

This article originally appeared onFarmVille Freak.
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