Cafe World goes back to the future with 1950s drive-in theme

Cafe World Drive In Theme
Cafe World is rocking it '50s style with a new drive-in decor set for your outdoor area! There are a ton of new items now available in the Outdoor store. To access it, simply go outside of your Cafe and and then "Decorate Your Block." You will then see a huge variety of new rockabilly 1950's themed stuff. Here is the list of items that are now available for a limited time:

Flying Fin Car - 12 Cafe Cash
Drive in Sign - 14 Cafe Cash
Rocket Red Car - 14 Cafe Cash
Drive-In Bay - 16 Cafe Cash
Diner Sign - 16 Cafe Cash
Hot Rod - 18 Cafe Cash
Drive-In Movie - 26 Cafe Cash
Ice Cream Shoppe - 35 Cafe Cash
Classic Gazebo - 45 Cafe Cash
Turquoise Fin Car - 750,000 coins
Roller Waitress - 50,000 coins
Burger Girl Sign - 150,000 coins
Doggie Coffee Sign - 450,000 coins

What do you think of these new Cafe World items? We think they're quite a bit expensive, especially for new players. All of the best items require Cafe Cash, and the coins items will break the bank! If you're a fan of the Rockabilly style, you will enjoy this theme at a hefty cost.
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