Working Women: 4 Nonprofits that Focus on Career Development for Women

There are a myriad organizations that are designed to help the jobless prepare themselves for re-entering the job market, whether it's by offering sage advice to young adults in their first foray into the 9-to-5 world or providing continuing education skills to older members of the work force.

But there are many sub-set to the working world, and one area that's of particular interest to many is the working women population. Therefore, it makes sense that there would be a good smattering of helpful nonprofit organizations that are focused on helping women prepare and enter the job market.

1. Women Work!

Women Work! is a nonprofit that was founded on the principles of furthering women's economic justice and equality. Aside from petitioning for better work policies for women, they also offer educational classes that teach important job skills. To find a local chapter in your state, check their directory.

2. Dress for Success

The Dress for Success program is a national organization that is probably the most well-known of working women nonprofits. Their simple mission has been a huge boon to women all over the world. DFS provides suits and interview wear for women who are interviewing for jobs. They also provide career guidance and job seeking assistance.

3. Advancing Women

Advancing Women is a not for profit organization that focuses on advising working women on furthering their career. Their focus is on women's minority groups, and they also cater to entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking to define a business strategy and obtain help in balancing career and life goals. They also have an extensive job board for women looking for work or to change careers.

4. Business and Professional Women's Foundation

The Business and Professional Women's Foundation (or BPW) is a women's group that actively advocates for better working environments for working women of all stripes. Their comprehensive advocacy board lists topics that they are currently bringing to the attention of Congress. They also offer job advice, job seeker tools, and online courses to build helpful skills, such as language and grammar classes, computer application courses and graphic/ multimedia design.

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