Who Has the Weirdest House in America?

Who doesn't enjoy driving through a housing development and picking out the fantastic, the ugly and the over-the-top homes? If you're reading HousingWatch, the odds are even better, no?

Well, Top Ten Real Estate Deals is on the prowl for the "most unusual or quirky homes in the United States."

According to the website, what they're looking for are the 10 "most unusual or quirky homes in the United States." The site is looking for "homes that are truly different -- the kind of homes that make you say, 'Wow, look at that,' or, 'What were they thinking?,' or, 'I wish I were that brave,' " Jason Wakefield, web design director for the real estate website told NBC of Dallas-Ft. Worth. Of the houses that make the cut, the style and price can run the gamut.

But in today's tough housing market, weird might mean harder to sell. So how do potential candidates stack up in terms of value?

When the real estate market was tight and lots of homes were selling, an unusual house stood out from the pack. In the luxury home market, sometimes unusual features were a reason to charge a premium.

But not these days. With home prices down a third from 2006 in many markets, the focus is on value and saleability. Weird-looking homes linger on the market, waiting for the right buyer. As a result, many owners with unusual or downright bizarre homes are staying put and enjoying their splendor.

All the better for others to enjoy it. "The important thing is the home's 'out-of-the-norm' quotient," Top Ten Real Estate Deals says.

Our picks? Bamboo House in Redwood City, Calif., pictured above. The listing price is $1.395 million. And the Batcave in Laguna Beach, Calif., with a listing price $11.85 million, below.

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