Territory Sales Manager Resume

Catherine Brinkman wanted a resume that would help her target B2B sales in healthcare/medical fields: pharmaceutical, medical device or biotech sectors. She turned to Barb Poole, President of Hire Imaging for help. I recently spoke with Barb to learn more about the strategy she used for creating Catherine's resume.

  • What were the hurdles in Catherine's background?

After a six-year background with multifaceted liaison, client services and analysis roles in both the domestic and global financial / legal services arenas, Catherine had listened to her entrepreneurial inner voice and accepted an opportunity to grow a from-scratch medical waste disposal business. She was successful, but the market was becoming increasingly competitive; it was further challenging with rising compliance / environmental costs. Catherine was very concerned that her experience would not translate into her ability to perform in an outside B2B sales role in the eyes of potential employers; and that they would be, in her words, 'blinded by finance and ownership".

  • What strategies were used to make Catherine memorable?

I chose a hybrid format in order to showcase keywords while at the same time giving a clear "nothing to hide" chronological history. In fact, how she got to where she is, is part of the value she brings to the table.

The very top section embraces keywords that are critical in sales-and all words which Catherine truly feels describe her strengths. She developed success stories relaying instances of each to integrate into networking, interviewing etc. The top section of the résumé also clearly identifies her goals without limiting her to an objective. The market segments and roles are clear. Her sales training, degree and language abilities (definitely assets) are all brought to the forefront. The bulleted profile is followed by a three-columned list of strong keywords relevant to his goals. Prior to the "Career Path & Performance Successes" section, the top gives a final strong dose of quantifiable successes. Her current ownership position integrates a hybrid format by again addressing keywords and activities relevant to her new career direction prior to listing measurable achievements.

Her prior finance and legal roles are parlayed into related value by focusing on business development and client services. She shows results in communications, building business, saving money, and a host of areas important to the success of medical or healthcare sales and account management.

  • How did you prove the impact Catherine made on past employers?

In addition to thematic, bulleted and metrics-driven success statements within the main experience section, I showcased Signature Strengths, Illustrative Successes and Relevant Client Testimonials. This featured section is centered, eye-catching, and heavily backed by numbers and clients' praises.

  • What were the results of your Catherine's campaign?

Catherine tapped into a rich network of healthcare and medical associates / clients. She was diligent about using both front- and back-door search strategies. Within a month of using the résumé, she had numerous inquiries / contacts, eight interviews and three offers. She is currently developing and managing a regional territory for the manufacturer of a very innovative, high-tech surgical apparatus, and loves it!

Catherine Brinkman

5689 Harriet Avenue South Home: (612) 555-7692
Minneapolis, MN 55401 brinkmansolutions@charter.net Cell: (612) 555-9240

Approach Needs | Education | Persuasion | Patience | Persistence | Close Service

10-year progressive, fast-track corporate and entrepreneurial career creating and sustaining business within competitive markets ... seek to transition success into long-term career opportunity in

TERRITORY SALES ~ Account MANAGEMENT ~ Business Development

Medical Equipment / Supplies or Pharmaceutical Industry Focus

~ TrainOne Sales ~ ACT! Customer Management ~ Dale Carnegie Business Development ~ Bachelor's Degree in Business ~ Speak English (native), Mandarin & Spanish ~

  • An ethical, loyal, energetic, "make-it-happen" professional able to accelerate sales growth and positively impact the bottom line through effective product education and extensive relationship building. Respected for integrity.
  • Persistent in pursuit to build sales and provide solutions according to identified customer needs. Strong customer-service orientation, demonstrated by established credibility and leverage with healthcare clients.
  • Possess an unshakable determination when challenged with strong personalities, demanding deadlines, and the rigorous assimilation of technical information. Successful in autonomous and collaborative settings.

Core Strengths

▪ Client & Vendor Relations ▪ Client Compliance & Risk Management ▪ Strategic & Action Planning
▪ Trade Shows & B2B Events ▪ Needs Assessment & Analysis ▪ Networking & Referrals
▪ Partnerships & Alliances ▪ Training / Development & HR ▪ Market Penetration & Position
▪ Contracts & Agreements ▪ Key Account Management ▪ Fiscal Oversight
▪ Customer Care & Retention ▪ Entrepreneurial Mindset ▪ High-Impact Presentations
▪ Solutions & Consultative Sales ▪ Product Education & Management ▪ Global Operations

Signature Strengths, Illustrative Successes & Relevant Client Testimonials

  • Results Producer. Rallied business organization from $890K deficit to $700K gain in one year.
  • Relationship Maker. Earned network / referral business comprising 23% of current client base.
  • Aggressive B2B Sales. Won two commercial accounts totaling $680K from competitors.

"Catherine successfully saved my company 88% ... increased net income ... spread the word ..."
~ George Pratt, Spectrum Quantum Healthcare, Inc.

"Highly recommend Catherine in a business environment where every dollar counts ... maximize your net profit..."
~ John B. Downs, Downs Enterprises, Inc. (Assisted Living Facilities)

Career Path & Performance Successes

METRO WASTE SOLUTIONS, LLC, Minneapolis, MN 2003 to Present

Executive Manager and President

Established medical waste disposal business and earned state-wide recognition in a brief period.

  • Business Development.Built client base and interest in business services for continued revenue growth.
  • Sales.Assessed client needs and determined / presented relevant solutions using a consultative approach.
  • Account Management & Compliance Training Support.Offered ongoing client resources, education and support to outperform competition. Conducted in-services to help clients stay current with legislation.
  • Operations Management.Oversaw finances, product / service issues and client satisfaction.
    • Created business name recognition and client base through cold calling, networking, and attendance at B2B events, trade shows and formal / informal business meetings. Marketed and promoted value. Gained state-wide recognition and product interest, including independent clinical consultant referrals and interest from The University of Minnesota Medical School.
    • Reversed flat business growth by identifying a need for customer-focused medical waste disposal services, revamping the business modeling, and forming a regional partnership. Client base grew by 550%, revenues by 325%, and business expanded throughout the state.
    • Branded company through client education and training. Penetrated and positioned company in a medical waste niche. Increased networking and referral business by 42%.

Corporate career background has encompassed extensive performance-based recruitment and expanded roles always revolving back to relationship building, bringing in business, and maintaining high service levels.

1999 to 2003
Asian Operations Liaison: Kudar, Miske & Vreeland, LLP, Washington DC (2001 to 2003)
Recruited for newly-created position post 9/11 upon referral from prior CFO. Oversaw Asian accounting and financial data integration operations for top-ranked legal firm with over 700 attorneys and 1,250 support staff.

  • Communications & Conflict Management. Directed communications to proactively resolve issues between the U.S. headquarters and Asian offices. Worked closely with staff and consultants / advisors.
  • Compliance. Integrated operational and staffing structures meeting global regulations.
    • Built support of global procedures without alienating key associates. Significantly improved morale.
    • Led efforts to facilitate firm-wide systems conversion and integrate US/Asian operations.
    • Established and "sold" credibility to the CFO, COO, office administrator and managing partners. Led meetings; formed cross-functional teams. Gained approval for organization-wide oversight.
    • Created and monitored systems to track and evaluate income-generating revenues.

Client Accounting Manager: Fair, Briggs & Green, LLP, Minneapolis, MN (2000 to 2001)
Brought on board by former Putnam & Hanson Controller to assume increased responsibilities in managing client-accounting functions for a high-visibility international firm with 750 attorneys and 27 offices worldwide.

  • Ethics Oversight. Liaised with U.S., Asian and Asian associates/partners to ensure fiscal integrity.
  • Client-Focused Staffing & Training: Screened, hired, coached and terminated staff; outsourced agents charged with client development. Drafted training manual and orchestrated multi-site in-services.
    • Ramped up training and cut 2 FTEs which increased customer support and accuracy by 29%.
    • Served as point of contact on customer payment issues; designed tracking mechanisms and service systems to flag problem accounts. Slashed write-offs while increasing projection data reliability.
    • Gained senior management team's consensus in integrating a new approach for client intake. Streamlined process, increased cash flow, shortened cash cycle and reduce staff workloads.

Credit Analyst: Putnam & Hanson, Minneapolis, MN (1999 to 2000)
Challenged to parlay retail banking experience into law firm accounting: staffing, policies, reconciliations, reporting, credit, cash applications, Treasury functions and special projects.

  • Put controls in place and led training that reduced unapplied cash balance from $4.6M to $185K.
  • Led a multi-departmental audit resulting from the Federal Government's claim for $3.7M in overpayment fees. Tracked and verified that only $97K was owed and be returned.

1997 to 1999
Assistant Manager: US Bank, Minneapolis, MN (1998 to 1999)
Approached by bank as their stiffest competitor in taking client accounts; recruited to join their team. Managed 4 customer service / management staff and branch operations: sales, training, service and finance.

  • Increased number and quality of referrals and cross-selling of inter-department products by 33%.
  • Initiated a progressive customer service representative bonus program to drive additional deposits and sales. Grew sales to a consistent level while CSRs competed to raise the bar in performance.

Personal Banker: National Bank, St. Paul, MN (1997 to 1998)
Sharpened knowledge of master sales platform and product offerings. Used direct mail, cold calling and community networking to help increase branch deposits. Serviced a large Spanish-speaking population.

  • Earned outstanding scores on four straight performance reviews.
  • Turned around one of the weakest-performing branches to achieve a 22% gain.


Bachelor of Business Administration; Management & Relations, St. John's University, Collegeville, MN
~Proficient in MS Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint; and ACT! 2005 ~

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