Mafia Wars Beat the Feds event: Ten days and counting to beat these four bosses

Update (9:50 p.m.) : Looks like Beat the Feds challenge is back in action, though many players are reporting that the experience is still proving to be buggy. How is it working for you?

Update: (5:30 p.m.)
A Mafia Wars community manager says the release was 'slowed down' as they resolve the problem.
More here.

Update (5 p.m. ): Annnd.. It's gone. Beat the Feds has disappeared with no explanation.

Update (4:30 p.m.):It's here! More info at the end of this article.

Update (4:15 p.m.): Watched the clock countdown to zero and still don't see the challenge. Anyone else?

Update (2:30 p.m.):
Beat the Feds countdown has now been added to the game (see below)-- looks like this new challenge will officially kick off at 4 p.m. EST.

mafia wars feds are watching

Many mafiosos may remember that a Beat the Feds job made a brief appearance before, but was yanked before many could complete the job. Looks like everyone's getting a second chance to test their mafia's mettle with a new Mafia Wars Beat the Feds event that kicks off Friday, August 13.

Over the next 10 days, you and your pals will be tasked with beating down these four feds. These guys are going to be tough so be sure to stock up on shivs, stun guns and health kits before you head into battle. (Is it just me or does the fed on the lower right look more like an angry bum than a government employee? I digress.) Of course, you will be rewarded for your efforts, see more after the jump.

In this challenge, you will need need to defeat these four feds: Agent Karlin, Agent Miller, D.E.A. Iverson and D.A. Embry. These throwdowns will work similar to other Vegas bosses -- after you beat each boss, you will get an item that will be leveled up the more times you defeat them, which will earn you mastery levels.

The first time you beat them, you'll earn bronze mastery and then you'll work your way up to silver and gold mastery levels. You will also be able to try for a special Mastery item called the Rain Maker, which will give you a 5% increase in cash from Vegas Fights for beating all four bosses at a gold level.

mafia wars beat the feds

To start the Beat the Feds Challenge, go the front page of Mafia Wars, and it's impossible to miss the giant 'Beat the Feds' module on the homepage. Your first mission will be to take out Agent Karlin.

Click start to begin and you'll be taken to a pop-up page, where you'll can post a request on your Wall for help. Karlin has 900 health, so you're most likely going to need all of the assists you can get to knock him down. In addition to being tough to beat, you have a certain time limit that you need to defeat the boss in, or else you have to start over from scratch.

agent karlin mafia wars

If you have images from the other boss battles, please email them to me at, and I will include them here.

In the meantime, check out all of the stats for each boss and the rewards you get for beating them, courtesy of Mafia Wars Wiki, so you'll know what to expect. It's bad enough that these bosses have tons of health, but that you also have to take them down within a certain amount of time.

Beat Agent Karlin


Bronze: 900 Health
Silver: 6,000 Health
Gold: 24,000 Health

Time to Defeat
Bronze: 9 hours
Silver: 7 hours
Gold: 5 hours

Win: Silk Thunder (Weapon)
A: 84 D: 59

Beat Agent Miller


Bronze: 1,000 Health
Silver: 7,200 Health
Gold: 28,800 Health

Time to Defeat:
Bronze: 9 hours
Silver: 7 hours
Gold: 5 hours

Win: Combat Chopper (Vehicle)
A: 90
D: 72

Beat DEA Iverson


Bronze: 1,800 Health
Silver: 8,400 Health
Gold: 33,600 Health

Time to Defeat:
Bronze: 9 hours
Silver: 7 hours
Gold: 5 hours

Win: Ballistic Vest (Armor)
A: 72
D: 103

Beat DEA Wimbry


Bronze: 2,000 Health
Silver: 9,600 Health
Gold: ? Health

Time to Defeat:
Bronze: 9 hours
Silver: 7 hours
Gold: 5 hours

Win: Bald Eagle (Animal)
A: 115
D: 109

Here are a few other tips to consider before taking on this challenge, courtesy of the Mafia Wars Facebook fan page:

You'll have to work quickly to beat the clock, so you can spread the word to your mafia to give you a hand. Helpers will be able to fight a boss as if they are facing the boss themselves. Here's where it pays to be strong - the toughest helpers who do the most damage per boss fight will receive additional rewards like experience, Vegas cash, fight tokens, and LE items for their help.

If you want to pack a solid punch, you can prepare for battle by making sure you have plenty of consumables like health kits, shivs, and stun guns to help you along the way. There's also safety in numbers - go recruit some new members to your mafia before the battle begins to better your odds of victory.

Have any more advice on how to take these feds down fast? Or just looking for friends to help you defeat the feds? Leave a note in the comments below.
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