Jet Blue flight attendant wants job back after famously quitting


After becoming a poster child and icon for quitting his job in dramatic and creative fashion, it seems now-former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater wants his job back.

At a news conference Thursday, Slater's attorney Howard Turman said that "flying is in [Slater's] blood." As Slater looked on silently, Turman said, "Jet Blue is a wonderful airline which he has loved working for, and wishes to continue working for... He understands the problems, but it has been a fair and understanding airline."

However, based on this internal memo, it's doubtful Slater will be flying the hopefully friendly skies with JetBlue again. JetBlue has been greatly embarrassed by the incident and has also forked over $100 vouchers for each passenger on the ill-fated flight.

To recap: Slater is alleged to have cursed over the public address system after several run-ins with passengers during the 90-minute flight from Pittsburgh. The 20-year flight attendant then grabbed two beers, deployed the emergency slide and made an escape. He's charged with criminal mischief and reckless endangerment.

What do you think? Should Slater be hired again as a flight attendant?