Great Whites Close Cape Cod Beaches, Again

The sighting of a 14-foot great white shark forced officials to hastily close beaches in Chatham, Massachusetts.

The shark was one of several great whites spotted off Cape Cod this summer. And this time the giant creature was right inside Chatham's harbor.

The Cape Cod Times reports beach and harbor patrols scrambled to get swimmers out of the water.

The town issued a swimming ban from popular Lighthouse Beach to the border with Orleans.

Town and state officials were trying to determine whether the shark was a stray or was accompanied by other sharks, and whether it was safe to reopen the beaches this weekend.

Due to the string of great white shark sightings, officials have urged Cape beach-goers to stay on alert.

It may all sound like a scene out of "Jaws," which was filmed off nearby Martha's Vineyard. But in reality, the numbers this summer are rare, and the last fatal attack off Massachusetts was in 1936.

Meanwhile, the creatures have proven a tourist attraction, with some visitors coming to Chatham hoping for a shark sighting, though from the shore.

Photo, hermanusbackpackers, flickr
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