Filing Accuses Dell of Concealing Evidence in Lawsuit

Dell Inc (DELL) allegedly withheld evidence in a lawsuit regarding faulty computers it sold to businesses, according to a filing made Thursday in North Carolina.

Advanced Internet Technologies filed the motion in Federal District Court saying that Dell intentionally violated a court order by not producing documents, including e-mails, written by top executives, The New York Times reported.

AIT is accusing Dell of selling at least 11.8 million defective computers and then attempting to conceal the problems from customers. In the suit, which has been going on for three years, Internet services company AIT says it lost business thanks to Dell's faulty computers.

Dell disputes the accusation.

"We disagree with AIT's contention that we violated the discovery order and will be filing our response with the court soon," David Frink, a Dell spokesman, told The New York Times.

AIT's filing asserts that Dell has provided only a portion of communications among top executives about the defective computers.