FarmVille Island-themed items return for 24 hours only

farmville island themed items
farmville island themed items

FarmVille continues its 7 Days of Summer Sale -- and today's batch of items include the return of limited edition Island-themed items -- including the very cute Spider Monkey, the Active Volcano and the Tree Village. Below is a complete list of items and prices, and I'm glad to see that there's a balance between items you can buy using coins and items you must buy with Farm Cash (though, clearly, the Farm Cash items are way cooler). These island themed items will only be available for 24 hours, so if you want to turn your farm into something that looks more like a tiki resort, now's the time to start spending.

FarmVille LE Island Animals:

* Spider Monkey – 18 FV$
* Pelican – 18 FV$

FarmVille LE Island Theme Buildings:

* Tree Village – 42 FV$
* Island Resort – 36 FV$
* Giant Hut – 27 FV$
* Island Shanty – 55,000 Coins
* Hut – 100,000 Coins

LE FarmVille Island Decorations

* Active Volcano – 36 FV$
* Tiki Bridge – 24 FV$
* Surf Shack – 18 FV$
* Trailer and Skis – 7 FV$
* Island Stage – 14 FV$

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