FarmVille Good Deeds list reminds you to be a good neighbor

farmville good deeds list
farmville good deeds list

On the surface, FarmVille is a game that's about planting and harvesting crops, but on a deeper level, the real driving force is social obligation. You know, that little voice inside that reminds you to send thank you notes, attend your boss' annual barbecue and to go see friends' bands, even though it's clear they'll never play anywhere but the corner dive bar.

FarmVille is slowly rolling out it's own 'little voice' in the form of Good Deeds list that shows all of the tasks your neighbors need help with in addition to a count of all of the help you give (or don't give) your FarmVille neighbors. It's not clear if you earn a bonus after helping a certain number of friends, but that would certainly inspire more do-gooder behavior. At the very least, this list will remind you that you should give and not just receive.

[Via FarmVille Freak]

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