Apartment Guru: Burned by Renters Insurance

Dear Apartment Guru,

Recently there was a fire in my living room. I had a house-sitter at the time and it looks like she was in the room with a candle burning. Because she was there, she was able to put the fire out using the two extinguishers my landlord had given me. However, my television and stereos were both destroyed by the fire extinguisher goo. The curtains beside the entertainment system went up first, followed by the tapestry I drape over the television stand that also holds my stereo. My sofa has a few small black burn holes in it where embers fell, and the hardwood in that corner of the room is a little bit charred. Both the electronic items and the sofa are of pretty good quality and I paid a lot for them.

Long story short, my renters insurance is only giving me money for the damaged items based on their depreciated costs. I totally thought you were supposed to get enough money to actually replace your items with new items of approximate value or something, if you were paying for renters insurance -- at least, my cousin was able to after she was robbed. So, does this sound right to you?

-Feeling Burned