Analyst: Google's gaming plans will benefit, well, Google


Most of the discussion of Google's long-rumoredandseeminglyinevitable plans to enter the social gaming space have focused on what the company can do to hurt the position of social gaming giant Facebook. But a new analyst report from Google's exclusive ThinkGaming Summit instead looks at the boost a Google social gaming network could provide to the company's other existing products.

Lazard Captial Markets analyst Colin Sebastian came away from the summit with visions of a social gaming network that integrates some of the best pieces from Google's disparate parts. From Google Checkout (which could be used to drive game and virtual good sales), to Google's Chrome browser (which would see increased prominence for its upcoming Google Chrome Web Store) to the Android mobile phone OS and Marketplace (which "could over time eclipse the App Store"), Sebastian thinks many areas of Google business are set to benefit from social gaming. Nice to know we're not alone in thinking of these relationships.

On a related note, does anyone else think that the fact Google is holding an exclusive ThinkGaming Summit is a good indication they're serious about this gaming thing?