Unpacking After Moving: Just as Tough as Packing

unpacking moving boxes after a move
unpacking moving boxes after a move

By the time the movers left her new home in Maplewood, N.J., Niamh Cahill was surrounded by more than 50 moving boxes. But after five weeks of packing for this move, she wasn't going to let unpacking a few moving boxes intimidate her.

The key to successfully unpack moving boxes, say experts, is to plan well on the packing end of your move. Cahill had placed colored stickers on her moving boxes, and provided the movers with a color-coded floor plan, so that boxes ended up in the proper rooms. She packed her moving boxes with only those items that corresponded to the specified rooms. And she made sure that the items that she would need to get her up and running quickly in her new home were at the ready.

It is that type of planning that will make unpacking moving boxes manageable, says Audrey Dickson, quotation analyst at U-Pack, a national moving company based in Fort Smith, Ark.

She and other experts offer these tips to make unpacking moving boxes go smoothly: