Tips, tricks and ideas for back-to-school 2010 money savers

This fall, the key to heading back to school in style and under budget involves knowing what pieces provide the most cool for the cash. If a closet full of brand new clothes is not in the cards (and really, who has those cards?) it's time to take note of the fashion cues setting the tone this season.

Wallet-friendly wardrobe updates begin with knowing which design details make clothes look dated -- and which ones signal fresh, just-took-the-tags-off style. By subtracting yesterday's trends (and adding a few new items in the latest cuts, colors, prints and patterns), style seekers can get the look they crave without going into debt ... which is soooo last decade.

Warning: There are Iron Clad Rules when shopping for key wardrobe items on a limited budget. Absolutely-Unbreakable-Rule-Number-One: The item must look good -- on you. No exceptions. It doesn't matter if the entire world is wearing the cutest dress that's ever been cut from cloth if it does not flatter your-very-own-self. Put. It. Back. Walk away.