Social game maker OMGPOP signs on with myYearbook


Just because social game maker OMGPOP isn't ready to sell out doesn't mean it isn't ready to expand via partnerships with other companies. Indeed, OMGPOP has announced a deal with myYearbook to integrate its games into the growing social network.

While myYearbook is no Facebook, or even a MySpace, it does boast 20 million members and is one of ComScore's top 25 trafficked sites in the US, by some metrics. OMGPOP, for its part, brings 3 million registered users and some innovative in-house games which already attract a million plays a day. Together, they create "an exciting opportunity to enrich their users' experience, while providing a new exciting monetization outlet," according OMGPOP CRO Wilson Kriegel. Translation: That means he thinks everyone's going to make a lot of money.

MyYearbook's gaming plans don't end with OMGPOP, though. CEO Geoff Cook said the company is "looking to deepen our relationships with high-quality social games developers like OMGPOP over the next 12 to 18 months." Did you catch that "like" in there? That would imply there are other companies they're looking to have a relationship with. Um... dude... OMGPOP is sitting right there. Maybe you should pay some attention to them for now, eh?