Pet Society Mayor gets official real world debut at the Amazon store

Playfish selling Pet Society Mayor statue on Amazon
Fans of our Facebook page may remember the figurine shown above from our Fan Appreciation Giveaway back in April. Our Editor-In-Chief had just gotten her hands on two, very rare Pet Society Mayor statues, and through her great beneficence and magnanimity, two of our fans got the chance to have the Mayor for their very own!
Pet Society Mayor in the Toys and Collectable store
But now, Playfish has officially announced that they're selling the statues via Amazon. A poster of this can be found at the Pet Society "Market" store, under the "Toys and Collectable" section. Clicking on the poster will take you to this Playfish page. The Mayor is made of PVC vinyl, and is 5.25 inches tall. It costs $24.99 USD in America, which sucks, since you need at least $25 to qualify for free shipping. The UK Amazon store is offering free shipping if delivered in the UK, and the Mayor can be bought for £15.00 there.

We hope the release of the Mayor means that more real Playfish toys are headed our way soon. Because we also gave away a Pet Society pink cat figurine in April! So we know Playfish is manufacturing these things. It's all a matter of time.
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