Jeff Foxworthy becomes a Shark on ABC's 'Shark Tank'

Jeff Foxworthy to be on Shark Tank
Jeff Foxworthy to be on Shark Tank

ABC's fan-favorite show Shark Tank has been renewed. We're already big fans of the nail-biter here at WalletPop, since we've been bringing the world the program's only post-show interview series, AfterShark, in which we talk game with all the players. But for the second season, there will be a twist. A new Shark will join the ranks: comic Jeff Foxworthy.

The show, if you don't already love it, has inventors and businessmen pitching their ideas to five millionaires. The five regular sharks include fashion magnate Daymond John, Mr. Burns lookalike Kevin O'Leary, and our very own Barbara Corcoran -- but for three episodes of the next series, they will be joined by Mr. Blue Collar Comedy himself.

Because I'm the host of AfterShark, people have been asking me: What do I think about adding Jeff Foxworthy to the investment panel? My answer: If you think he doesn't belong among moguls, you might be a redneck.