Happy Pets brings on the cuddly with bear cubs debut

Happy Pets - cutest bears ever
These must be the cutest pets to ever tumble into the Happy Pets store -- just look at them! Alright, so what if Brown Bear looks like its checking out Polar Bear's tushy?
Happy Pets bears in store
Most folks do think feel that the bears' faces look somewhat ape-like, but they're adorably animated, and the Psychedelic Bear is a definite an eye-catcher without being an eye sore. That one's also the most expensive, going for 60 Facebook Credits ($6 USD), while the rest are for 48 FB Credits each ($4.80 USD). Let's hope the game comes out with some Coins-only ones. It always does, but it just takes time. Meanwhile, these aren't Limited Edition, so you can save up FB Credits for them.
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