Free back to school 2010 supplies

Vista Print -Free back to school 2010 supplies
Vista Print -Free back to school 2010 supplies

Get free back-to-school supplies for the 2010-11 school year through Vista Print, which continues to be generous with its free offers.You pay a few bucks for shipping, but that's it. Click on the image at right to get this deal.

The free back-to-school offer currently includes these supplies:

  • Wall calenders, perhaps with summer vacation photos (orig. $16)

  • Photo flip book, 10 pages of 4" x 6" photos and captions of your choosing (orig. $10)

  • 100 postcards to announce a new address, a birth, a party, or something else (orig. $25)

  • A stamp with black ink good for approximately 5,000 impressions (orig. $13)

There are 12 total freebies to choose from; the above list is just a sampling.The trick with Vista Print is to keep costs low by avoiding any extras and upsells -- unless those are worth it to you -- like printed proofs, cover photos, colored ink, and more.

Taking advantage of this deal supports WalletPop.

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