FarmVille: Today's your free chance to play the 7 Days of Summer Mystery Game

FarmVille Mystery Game free dart
FarmVille Mystery Game free dart

Today all players will get a free dart at the FarmVille Mystery Game! When clicking on the Mystery game you should receive a pop-up allowing one free try!

Official FarmVille Forum Community Manager Grimwell states:

FarmVille has a special gift for our players! Upon logging in, all players will receive 1 free Dart for the Mystery Game! Use your Dart to pop a balloon and win a Mystery Prize! Head to the Market and play our latest Mystery Game to receive your free Dart!

Source: Official FarmVille Forum

Tuscan theme items, as well as one new addition to FarmVille, are now in the FarmVille Mystery Game!

Keep in mind, each try will cost 16FV$

:: Spoilers Below::

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