FarmVille new permanent crops: Zucchini and Rhubarb


FarmVille introduced two new permanent crops, Zucchini and Rhubarb, on August 12, 2010.

FarmVille Zucchini and Rhubard
FarmVille Zucchini and Rhubard

You may purchase these seeds at any time in the FarmVille Market. Crop Mastery is available for both.

Rhubarb costs 65 Coins to purchase, takes 16 hours to grow, and yields 150 Coins and 1 XP.

Zucchini seeds are only available to Level 27 farmers and above who have also mastered Pattypan Squash. Zucchini seeds will cost 120 Coins to purchase, take 16 hours to grow, and yield 220 Coins and 2 XP. Will you grown Zucchini or Rhubarb on your farm?

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