FarmVille Mystery Game stocked with new prizes, plus one free spin

farmville mystery game free spin

FarmVille has populated its Mystery Game with a slew of new Tuscan-themed items (see what they are after the jump), and *drumroll* please, a free chance to play the game. To find the Mystery Game, open the Market and then the Decorations section and the game is the first item on the list. Click 'Play' to open the game, and you'll get a pop-up like the one at the top of this article. Click Accept, and then throw a dart. Remember only the first dart is free, each subsequent throw will cost 16FV

farmville mystery game


Here are all of the items you have a chance to win if you play the Mystery Game today:

Rare – Rosetta Hall
Rare – Bee Catcher x 2
Uncommon – Bellissimo Falls
Uncommon – Fattoria
Common – Florella Fountain
Common – Roe Deer (New item)

Have you played the Mystery Game today? What did you get?
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