Citi makes good on missing Sears reward points

Citi pays rewards points to man who fought it for a yearWe told you recently how getting the credit card rewards you've spent your hard-earned dollars to earn can sometimes be an uphill climb. Card issuers will do things like implement expiration dates, caps or spending tiers that make it harder to earn points -- and easier to lose them.

It's a frustrating situation. For Rich Stambolian, a writer and graphic designer in New York we introduced you to, the frustration was compounded. In his case, his Sears rewards points simply fell off the radar after he closed the account and was told his rewards would be coming in the form of gift cards. Stambolian spent nearly a year fruitlessly following up, and as he told WalletPop, he'd given up his rewards as lost.

Well, Stambolian contacted WalletPop shortly after our story ran with some good news. A representative from the Citigroup president's office contacted Stambolian's father (at the home where Stambolian used to reside) to extend a heartfelt apology. As a gesture of good faith, the rep said, Citi would send Stambolian a $120 check to make up for the long-missing reward points. To which we'll say: Better late than never.
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