Zoom Zoom! Cars coming soon to YoVille

YoVille Cars
YoVille Cars

YoVille have just announced on their official blog that cars will be coming soon to the game. According to the post, players will be able to drive these cars around town and anywhere in YoVille. While the post didn't give us too much gritty information, they're promising that the full details will be coming along soon and we're find out exactly how these cars will work.

So far, players are begging for coin car options and hoping that not all the cars will require YoCash in order to enjoy. We're not so sure - cars seem like a big addition to YoVille and are likely a perfect candidate for a premium item. Time will tell though, and we'll be sure to have all the details on YoVille cars as soon as they're available.

What do you think about the idea of cars in YoVille? Which model of car are you hoping for?

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