Paying off bills pays off: Top five female debt bloggers


Want help paying off the credit cards, the loans, and other debt? Here are five women who are currently in the process of doing it -- or have done it! -- and their blogs will educate, entertain, and perhaps even inspire you to do the same.

Frugal Babe
Frugal Babe is the blog of a 31-year-old wife and mother of three small children who has paid off the debt ($38,000) she accumulated starting a home-based insurance brokerage business she founded with her husband several years ago. Through example, Frugal Babe, who drives a '91 Civic, BTW, is all about spending for value. Now she works toward paying off her mortgage and ultimately hopes to become more self-sufficient, while teaching followers how to have "A rich life without a lot of money." (In fact, that's her tagline.)

M$ Money $avvy

M$ Money Savvy is a 30-something woman who openly shares her personal finance experiences -- from trying to do a re-fi (hopeless!) to reduce her expenses -- as she works tirelessly to pay off her student loans (by 2014), restart her IRA contributions (now that she's paid off her car loan), and ultimately retire in 17 years.