Paying off bills pays off: Top five female debt bloggers

Want help paying off the credit cards, the loans, and other debt? Here are five women who are currently in the process of doing it -- or have done it! -- and their blogs will educate, entertain, and perhaps even inspire you to do the same.

Frugal Babe
Frugal Babe is the blog of a 31-year-old wife and mother of three small children who has paid off the debt ($38,000) she accumulated starting a home-based insurance brokerage business she founded with her husband several years ago. Through example, Frugal Babe, who drives a '91 Civic, BTW, is all about spending for value. Now she works toward paying off her mortgage and ultimately hopes to become more self-sufficient, while teaching followers how to have "A rich life without a lot of money." (In fact, that's her tagline.)

M$ Money $avvy
M$ Money Savvy is a 30-something woman who openly shares her personal finance experiences -- from trying to do a re-fi (hopeless!) to reduce her expenses -- as she works tirelessly to pay off her student loans (by 2014), restart her IRA contributions (now that she's paid off her car loan), and ultimately retire in 17 years.

Blogging Away Debt
It is possible. That's the underlying message from this blogger, Rebekah Atkinson (aka "Beks"), who has paid down about $30,000 of the $38,000 she owes. She tracks her "recovery" -- and lately has been blogging about unexpected expenses, such as veterinary bills -- on Blogging Away Debt, which she took over from her friend, Tricia, in 2009.

The Debt Hater
The Debt Hater chronicles the story of how one woman -- Joy Buchanan -- made the decision to get out of debt after discovering she owed $16,000 in credit cards alone, not including her car loan. She got inspired to take action once she realized -- via a calculator on Motley Fool -- that it would take her 14 years to pay the debt off. The journey began, has been completed, and the newly responsible Buchanan has never looked back. She is currently focusing on her "dreams."

The Debt Defier
This 20-something blogger has managed to pay off over $30,000 in debt. She never wants to to rely on a credit card again, and is moving on to the next chapter: increasing her net worth.
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