Moving With Pets: 6 Steps for Less Stress

moving with pets
moving with pets

When Manhattanite Mandi Pek was moving into her new apartment, she wasn't worried about the packing, or the renovations, or even the time off from work. She was worried most about moving her pet Harley, an 8-year-old Shih Tzu. "I had brought Harley home at 9 weeks old," Pek says. "It was the only home she has ever known."

Pek's concerns were well-founded. To her dismay, the once independent pup became needy and confused in her new home.

Moving can be stressful enough, but moving with pets adds a whole new set of worries. Moving with a dog, cat, snake or bird takes careful planning, a little bit of research and a lot of compassion to help the animal arrive safely and adjust to new surroundings.

Here are a few tips from pet experts around the country to help you and your pets have a stress-free move.