Happy Pets is seeing double with new Pet Replicator

Happy Pets Pet Replicator
Happy Pets Pet Replicator

Happy Pets has just released an expensive new item, the Pet Replicator. This item will allow players to clone any one of their pets, and will deliver the pet to your gift box after the duplication has occurred. This feature will cost you a hefty 120 Facebook Credits though, so don't expect to start cloning all of your pets left and right. Do you have a special pet that was limited time and you wish you had more? Did you buy a pet from the Pet Trader and think he or she wants a friend that looks like them? Here is your chance.

The Pet Replicator only has one use total, and gives you 240 XP when used. You can also send the Pet Replicator to a friend if you want to give an expensive gift. This feature is long overdue, but we have a bit of sticker shock at the price.

What do you think? Is 120 Facebook Credits too much to spend to clone a Happy Pets pet? Tell us!