Get back to work: 10 sectors that are actually hiring right now

If the July unemployment numbers made you want to stick your head in the oven, take some heart. Some business sectors are actually hiring right now. Your challenge is to figure out how to get yourself trained for a job in one of them.

Tig Gilliam, the CEO of Adecco Group North America -- the world's largest recruiter and provider of temporary workers -- says some sectors of the economy actually look pretty good. Adecco Group finds 120,000 people work on any given day and is a Fortune Global 500 company. You want to work? Consider these fields:

Auto Manufacturing: In July, the auto industry added 20,500 jobs, with a 9,100 job increase in fabricated metal jobs. While most of this was likely because the automakers took a month off from shutting down factories, Gilliam believes the trend will continue.

Temporary services: Although there was a loss of 5,600 jobs in July, more than 350,000 jobs were created since September. Temp jobs include just about everything from office and clerical support staff to aeronautical engineering.

Finance: This industry is projected to grow and and jobs in securities, commodity contracts, compliance and financial investments is expected to increase by 5 percent from 2008 to 2018, so says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Consider credit mediation as a possible career path too, says Gilliam. Also, the new financial regulations being put into law will lead to jobs creation in finance.

Health care: The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that half of the 20 fastest-growing occupations are related to health care. It makes sense since Baby Boomers are aging and health care reform is underway. Job options apply for education and skill levels.

Information Technology: Companies have a continuous need for advice about implementing new technologies. Take this one to the bank, literally.

Transportation and warehousing: This sector has added 56,000 jobs since February. Growth is expected to continue as manufacturers contract these jobs out.

Retail: As consumer confidence grows, so will jobs in retail. Gilliam is optimistic as we enter the "back to school" shopping season.

Service workers: This includes everything from food preparation to service representatives. The biggest growth in the next decade will be tied to personal and home care aides.

Office and administrative support:
Gilliam says the demand for customer service representatives will grow in the next few years. Time to brush up on modern office systems.

Speech pathologists: Adecco Group reports an "extremely high" demand for speech pathologists, especially in pediatrics. Bilingual speakers are especially in demand.
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