Fashion-Inspired Decor Dresses Up Drab Apartments

Many fashion designers have released interior lines that serve as inspiration for apartment dwellers. As prominent fashion designers release home decor lines, and clothing catalogs feature sets as thrilling as the outfits, the lines between what we wear and how we decorate our apartments are increasingly blurred.

Use the stylish examples below as starting points for a new look in your own rented space:

Casa Sugar points out the always-cool Anthropologie fall catalog, which has a bohemian vibe that's sure to stir some Parisian wanderlust. The clothes, of course, are feminine and quirkily chic, but the background sets in each photograph are just as fetching.

Peruse Casa Sugar's slide show of inspiration-worthy catalog photos for ideas: velvet cushions and kitchen chalkboards lend bistro flair, for example, while mismatched curtains and stacked suitcases achieve a certain gypsy feel.

American designer Marc Jacobs is the focal point of an Apartment Therapy Chicago post about "the link between fashion and interiors." Pointing out the crossover use of similar "colors, fabrics and textures," the post reveals how closely Jacobs' runway looks resemble his interior decor -- or is it vice versa?
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Several other high fashion labels have branched out into interior decorating, explains writer Catherine Gregg. She writes, "if you like a particular brand's clothes it's interesting to see how the design philosophy is translated into an interiors range." Gregg details her favorites, including Missoni, Armani and Calvin Klein, as well as Zara Home's more affordable line of furniture and decor.

For the ultimate dose of high fashion interior design inspiration, check out photos taken inside the namesake hotels of Armani, Versace and Missoni, provided by Material Girls Chicago blog.

Sure, most renters lack the space and funds to fully recreate the opulent glowing look of the Palazzo Versace Dubai. But we can always add touches of yellow and warm lighting to spruce up our apartments and achieve a similarly golden look.

Happy shopping.

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