Blockbuster movie rental two-for-one coupon


Celebrate Hump Day with a two-for-one movie rental coupon from Blockbuster Express. Use coupon code G218C2. Make sure to have two movies in your cart or the coupon code will not work. Expires midnight tonight, August 11, 2010.

Each one-night movie rental costs $1, so this isn't a huge savings, but every dollar counts, no? Selection varies by kiosk and you can reserve a movie online ahead of time by clicking on the link above. Recent releases include "Clash of the Titans" (PG13), "Death at a Funeral" (R), and "Kick Ass" (R).

Caveats: If you keep the DVDs more than 24 hours, extra charges apply. You pay taxes. May not be combined with any other offer. Not valid at Blockbuster store locations. You must have a credit card to rent, but a Blockbuster account is not required.