The trendiest up-and-coming neighborhoods


Will one of these neighborhoods become the next Greenwich Village?

In every major American city there are neighborhoods that stand out as stalwarts of luxury and old money. Then there are those that once were cutting edge, but are now on the more expensive and conservative end of the spectrum. And then there are those neighborhoods that are the new kids on the block -- young, hip, up-and-coming and gaining momentum. Some may even become tomorrow's Greenwich Villages. But where are these neighborhoods?

NeighborhoodScout used its patented search engine to crunch the data and find these slices of geography within each of the 10 biggest Metropolitan cities in America that are now, or are poised to soon be, the hottest, trendiest neighborhoods in America. In all, 10,386 neighborhoods were analyzed, each within 20 miles of the center of America's 10 largest metropolitan areas.

In these neighborhoods houses and apartments are being fixed up or even going more upscale. Trendy clubs and restaurants are opening in or near them. These neighborhoods are educated, but not too educated. Professional, but not too "executive." Urban, but not urbane -- at least not yet. They are funky and, in some cases, still rough around the edges. They aren't the most expensive neighborhoods, but they could head that way depending on local dynamics. Each has its own unique history, culture, and scene. All are worth a look, or possibly a move, if trendy neighborhoods are for you, or for your investment dollars.

Here are the three hottest and trendiest neighborhoods in each of America's 10 big metros for 2010: