Madden 11 Video Game Goes on Sale - With a Party

Madden video game float
Madden video game float

Video gaming's biggest sports franchise got a facelift as Madden 11, the latest edition of the popular football game, hit the shelves.

The new edition features Drew Brees, quarterback with Super Bowl champions The New Orleans Saints, on the cover. EA Sports celebrated the launch with a "Madden Gras" party in the Big Easy, featuring players from the Saints, parades and musical guests including Big Boi.

The game went on sale at midnight.

Madden 11, made by video game maker Electronic Arts (ERTS), is simpler to use than previous editions, and more user-friendly for the non-football fan, a review on technology site said.

"Madden 11 is the most accessible football game we've played in quite some time," reviewer Jeff Bakalar wrote. "Anyone can pick it up and start playing."