Lufthansa Passengers and Flight Attendant Enjoy Pillow Fight

A JetBlue flight attendant may have lost control, yelled at passengers and bolted off a plane on an emergency slide in New York, but that doesn't mean airline crew members don't know how to have a good time on the job.

A Lufthansa flight attendant proves her stuff with a good-natured, in-flight pillow fight, in a video a passenger posted on YouTube.

Many in the coach section of the plane are involved in the fun, as pillows fly and the crowd cheers.

Lufthansa spokeswoman Christina Semmel tells AOL Travel News the pillow fight occurred on Flight LH687, from Tel Aviv to Frankfurt. She says the airline is laughing along with everyone else.

"It's an example of passengers enjoying themselves in economy class. And it shows we still offer pillows to our passengers in economy class," Semmel says.

Photo, bagalute, flickr
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