Google snaps up virtual currency platform Social Gold for $75 million [Rumor]

google acquires social gold
google acquires social gold

Google is still staying mum on the rumors that it's planning to launch a game-driven social network called 'Google Me' in the near future. However, it's undeniable that the search giant is making a serious play for the social gaming space, having -- in the past months -- invested a big chunk of change in FarmVille-creator Zynga, purchased SuperPoke Pets! creator Slide, and now, has also acquired Jambool, which owns Social Gold, one of several platforms for virtual currency payments in the business. Essentially, if you've developed a social game and are looking to add software that will power the virtual good/payments part of your game -- Social Gold might be one of your go-to guys ... if you haven't already committed to using Facebook Credits, that is.

Google nor Jambool have officially confirmed the purchase yet, but sources tell TechCrunch that Jambool was bought for $55 million, plus another roughly $20 million "in an earnout." It has also been reported that Google has recently been in talks with several social gaming companies, including Playfish and Playdom (which was purchased by Disney weeks ago) to be part of the company's Facebook rival that they've been working on behind the scenes.

[Via Tech Crunch and Worlds in Motion]

What do you think of Google launching a Facebook rival? Do you think it would make for a better social game experience?

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