ecoSquid helps sell your used cell phones for top dollar

Cell phoneIf you have a collection of old cell phones and electronics sitting around your house then check out, which searches gadget recyclers to find out who will pay the most for your old cell phones.

Much like Kayak finds the best deals on travel from numerous hotels or airlines, ecoSquid searches gadget recycling companies like Gazelle, YouRenew and many more to find out who will pay you the most.
To find the best price, you only need to enter the basic information about the condition of your phone and ecoSquid will search numerous providers in seconds. The search results return online gadget recyclers who will pay for your old phone as well as online and local donation locations. The ability to compare prices on an item like the iPhone 3GS with a few clicks instead of visiting seven or eight websites individually is very handy, In tests we found several websites we hadn't previously heard about paying $20-$30 more than their well-known competition.

In addition to finding the best offer for your old cell phone, ecoSquid also provides all the information you need to make a decision based on more than just the price. By clicking "compare services" you can see which companies offer pre-paid shipping labels, boxes, payment type, typical payment time and if it has a Better Business Bureau rating. This information is especially useful since the payment time frame can range from 10 days up to six weeks and the lack of a shipping label can eat into your earnings.

If you would rather donate your old cell phone to a program like Cell Phones for Soldiers or HopePhones, you can filter your search to only include donation sites and use a quick link to print a pre-paid shipping label straight from the ecoSquid search results.

In a phone interview, Nik Raman, CEO and founder of ecoSquid, told WalletPop that he wants ecoSquid to be a "trusted destination for consumers to go and get information [about recycling electronics]." To become a resource to consumers, ecoSquid has collected recycling information from retailers and recycling organizations to help you find a local place to recycle just about any used electronic device, and may even help you find you a tax deductible donation.

By choosing ecoSquid Recycle, you can select a product category and brand, and enter your zip code to see your recycling options. When looking for a way to recycle an old Dell computer tower, I was able to find several local drop-off locations, including one that offered a tax deduction, numerous free local drop-off locations and a quick link to printing a free shipping label to send the computer back to Dell for recycling.

For the time being, ecoSquid only finds cash offers for cell phones, but soon the company hopes to help find the highest offers for all manner of consumer electronics. ecoSquid is still in beta, which means the company is growing and testing things out, but it is already a must-use tool for selling and recycling your old gadgets.
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