Baking Feature Battle: Cafe World's Design-A-Cake versus Baking Life's Cupcake Creator

Cafe World Design a Cake is here!
Fans of ZipZapPlay's Baking Life would recognize Cafe World's newest feature, Design-A-Cake. But while Baking Life offers players a mix-and-match option for making and selling their own virtual cupcakes, Cafe World does this with cakes. After your pastry creation is ready, you'll have the option of sharing it with one friend as a Wall post, and then as giveaway extras.
Cafe World vs Baking Life personalized designer cupcake and cake
But there are three major differences between Cafe World's designer cakes and Baking Life's cupcakes features...
Cafe World: Your Cake is Ready!
...first of all, Cafe World has integrated Facebook's birthday reminders into its feature. Because after designing a cake, you'll get to scroll through your list of friends and see how many days it's been, or will be, until their birthdays. Granted, Baking Life doesn't do this, but this just means you'll have to remember your friends' birthdays for yourself.
Only Baking Life has truly personalized cakes
Secondly, the custom cupcakes in Baking Life will show up in yours, and your friend's store, as the ones you've designed. But in Cafe World, they just end up as this stock vanilla cake slice called Custom Cake (see image above). This is incredibly disappointing, because while you're technically selling the cake you made, it's really not the same cake, cause there's nothing different about it. It's just a generic slice of cake.

And thirdly, Baking Life's feature has been around the longest and they've got a better sense of humor about this personalized cakes business. Just look at the monster cupcake below that I managed to whip up using their Cupcake Creator:
Baking Life Monster Cupcake made with Cupcake Creator

Pretty neat, huh?
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