Accessories Put Your Stamp on Your Apartment

When you've run out of creative ideas, tired of DIY schemes and considered abandoning all hope of personalizing your apartment, it may be time to incorporate trendy accessories or furnishings.

Inspired by style maven Rachel Zoe's recent mention of Alexandra Von Furstenberg's neon Acrylic Coasters, here are a few cool and colorful accessories and furnishings to consider snatching up:

Von Furstenberg's coasters are stackable and come in eight different bright shades, such as hot pink and neon yellow. As Zoe writes, "they are the life of the party." Ever the insightful trendsetter, Zoe also explains her approach to home accessorizing. "In terms of interior design, the slightest addition to a room can set the tone, so it is crucial to pay attention to a space like you would an outfit," she writes.

The coveted AVF coasters are available in sets of 4, 6 or 8, and are outfitted with rubber bumpers to protect your furniture. What's more, when they're stacked together, AVF coasters "make for an interesting sculpture object to add color to your table." Ordering information is found on the company website.

Taking Zoe's lead, here are other cool coasters – for geeks, that is! published a slideshow of 15 of the kookiest, geekiest coasters, including recycled motherboard coasters, RSS-feed coasters, and coasters bearing mathematic and control-alt-delete symbols. There are also a few pop culture references in the bunch, namely Pac Man, Star Wars and Tetris-themed coasters, all of which are sure to add some whimsical style to your pad.
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We were especially taken with the translucence of the AVF coasters. With that in mind, here are ways to incorporate a chic see-through look with glass and lucite, plus a few other intriguing materials and innovative accessories.

TrendHunter's slideshow of "Clear Home Decor Ideas" is chock full of inspiration, featuring an eclectic assortment of accessories fit for any room in your apartment. While the candy-colored fiberglass bathtub may not be a feasible option for most renters, chairs made of clear plastic and wood are likely doable.

Another practical yet interesting option for apartment dwellers are Fiam Italia's glass furnishings, made specifically for small spaces. If you're really short on space, or have an eye for the avant-garde, consider the clear, head-shaped fish tank or "Fake Plastic Baggies" made of glass. You'll have to see them to believe them.

Lastly, we turn to House Beautiful, which asserts, "Every designer will tell you Just one piece of clear acrylic furniture will shake up any room in any style." Flick through the site's slideshow of stylish Lucite furniture, including eye-catching tables and chairs, benches that wouldn't be caught dead in a park, and even a completely clear console for your computer or TV.

Have fun with it–incorporating trendy pieces doesn't mean sacrificing your personal style.

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