Insulation at Home Saves Money

BECTMP Man holding ceiling insulation in house under construction

Raymond Yoder of Indianapolis, Ind. learned his lesson in home insulation the hard way. "It was cheaper to buy one of the new model homes without insulation. We figured we'd save the cash," Yoder says. That was in 1954. He has since moved from that home but not before, he admits, adding a lot more insulation to keep his home at a reasonable temperature. So much for "saving cash" -- it was lost in the costs to heat and cool his insulation-less home.

A home without insulation? That sounds to most modern buyers like buying a new car without wheels. But even homes built as recently as the mid-1970s have insulation at levels far lower than recommended today. As energy costs continue to rise, it only makes economic sense to equip your house with the correct amount of insulation to conserve energy.

With the addition of insulation to your home, you'll reap rewards -- saving money while doing your part for the environment -- and your home will be a more comfortable place to live in all year long. Here's everything you need to know about insulation: