Happy Pets: New vote and shoot camera feature has players saying 'Cheese!'

Happy Pets Photo Show-off iconWant to get that cool camera view of your Happy Pets at home that you see below? Click the "Photo Show-off" icon on the top right corner of your game window. It's the camera that has the red check mark on it. Then a window will appear. Click the blue "Take A Photo" bottom on the top left of the window to launch your camera.

You can use the arrow keys or the letters W, A, S, & D on your keyboard to move the camera around, and the little plus and minus buttons on the left-hand side to zoom in and out of your snapshot. Get your pets to come running to you for a photo by using the laser pointer. Or drag 'em over by using the arrow icon. Then click the big red button when you're ready!

After that, you can submit your photos for a public vote. You can also post the photo to your Facebook Wall, and if your friends click on it there, it will count as a vote. All the votes and snapshots will stay up for 24 hours.
Happy Pets Camera View
Voting for your favorite photos of the day (you can vote 10 times per day) will earn you coins and XP! Right now the whole feature is a popularity contest, so there's no prizes or anything. But it sure is fun showing off your pets.
Happy Pets visit user in Photo Show-off
And the best part about this is, you can visit the homes of the photos you love the most, and get to see the other people's pets in action! You don't have to be friended to them either. Just go to any photo and click "Visit User". This means you can play with new pets and collect money from other piggy banks too. This makes it much more than a photo sharing camera -- it's a method of in-game traveling!
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