FrontierVille Sharp Axe: New Mafia Wars x-promo item is a one-hit wonder

mafia wars frontierville sharp axe

FrontierVille introduces the new Sharp Axe, which you can earn by leveling up in an other Zynga game, Mafia Wars. If there were an infomercial for this new frontier tool, I'd imagine it'd go something like this:

"Let me axe you something -- are you tired of spending up to 12 energy to chop down trees? Then, you have to spend even more energy scaring away bears. If you'd rather leave the chopping to the axe and spend time harvesting peanuts or collecting eggs from your chicken coop, then look no further than the new FrontierVille sharp axe -- which you can earn by gaining a level in Mafia Wars. Never let your 'me' time get chopped by a dull blade again."

So, yeah, Frontierville and Mafia Wars have joined forces to bring players a new Sharp Axe, which will chop down trees faster than the regular axe. You can only get this axe by leveling up in Mafia Wars, and you can collect a new axe every 16 hours.

mafia wars frontierville sharp axe cross promo
My first thought was, "Why will I need more than one Sharp Axe?" That's because these axes are one-hit wonders -- use them once and they disappear, which was a slight disappointment. Maybe, after this promotion is long gone, the powers that be will add this new tool to the in-game Market. If you're so inclined, you can buy 5 Sharp Axes in the Market for 50 Horseshoes (roughly $6).

frontierville sharp axe earned

To get started collecting your Sharp Axe, click the Axe icon at the bottom of the game screen, which will direct you to Mafia Wars.

frontierville sharp axe

Go to Mafia Wars and level up, then you'll receive a pop-up that lets you know you received your Sharp Axe, and you'll be directed to go back to FrontierVille. When you're ready to use your Axe, you can locate it in your inventory. frontierville sharp axe
Select it and get chopping. I used it on a 12-chop tree and one swing of this axe was the equivalent of 8 chops with a regular axe.

frontierville sharp axe chop chop
Once you've used the axe, it will disappear, and you'll be able to collect more (after 16 hours pass) by leveling up in Mafia Wars again.

What did you think of the Sharp Axe? Is it worth the added effort for a one-stop chop? Leave a note in the comments below.
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