FrontierVille Sharp Axe: New Mafia Wars x-promo item is a one-hit wonder

mafia wars frontierville sharp axe
mafia wars frontierville sharp axe

FrontierVille introduces the new Sharp Axe, which you can earn by leveling up in an other Zynga game, Mafia Wars. If there were an infomercial for this new frontier tool, I'd imagine it'd go something like this:

"Let me axe you something -- are you tired of spending up to 12 energy to chop down trees? Then, you have to spend even more energy scaring away bears. If you'd rather leave the chopping to the axe and spend time harvesting peanuts or collecting eggs from your chicken coop, then look no further than the new FrontierVille sharp axe -- which you can earn by gaining a level in Mafia Wars. Never let your 'me' time get chopped by a dull blade again."