Frontierville question of the day: What is an 'unready' chicken?

Today's Question of the Day is about Frontierville on Facebook, and we answer the question that's burning in so many virtual pioneers' brains -- "What the heck is an 'unready' chicken?!
frontierville unready chickens
First, some background. In the Checking for Breakfast mission on FrontierVille, you're directed to collect one egg, collect two bacon and "tend ten unready neighbor chickens." You can find the egg by harvesting chickens, collect bacon by harvesting pigs and tend to neighbors 'unready' chickens?

After doing some research (as in, I decided to read the hint at the bottom of the goal pop-up window) I discovered that an 'unready' chicken is one that has already been fed. To complete this goal, you need to find 10 chickens that are not hungry (hint: these chickens don't have an arrow above them).

Once see an unready chicken, mouse over it and your cursor will turn into a brush. Then click, and you'll see a progress bar that says 'grooming.' Grooming a chicken? Is that even legal? Once you've groomed 10 chickens, you'll complete the goal, which will earn you an extra 40 XP and 80 Food, and the option to share a Breakfast with your friends.

Pro Tip: Here's a quick tip on how to get this job done fast. Ask fellow frontierfolks to feed their chickens, and when they're done, scoot over to their property and click on their fed chickens. I did this with two of my friends, and it was easier than eating a bucket of fried chicken (so sue me, I like chicken).

How long did it take you to find unready chickens? Do you have any other related tips? Leave a note in the comments below.
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