FrontierVille Goal Guide: A list of every darn-tootin' goal in the game


In any normal circumstance, being told what to do doesn't isn't that much fun. In FrontierVille, the opposite's the case. This pioneering game does what other Facebook games don't -- directs your experience, which gives the game structure and ultimately holds your interest more than roaming around your neighbors' properties randomly chopping trees and harvesting barnyard animals.

So far, FrontierVille has 95 goals in all and continue to add them as the weeks pass. For those of you who want to see what lies ahead for your hard-working pioneer family, - The Blog! has posted this guide which lists every last goal in the game. We can't take credit for doing the work, though, that distinction belongs to FrontierVille player 'XRaptor,' who put together this insanely (in a good way) comprehensive list.

GOAL: Tend Your Homestead
GOAL: Tend Your Homestead

1 - GOAL: Tend Your Homestead

  • Harvest Three Tomatoes

  • Feed Three Chickens

Description: Before you start new chores, you gotta make sure things are runnin' smooth-like.
Hint: Ripe crops will wither if not quickly harvested. You can always plant more.
Reward: 50 Coins, 3 XP
Posting Reward: 15 xp for 5 claimants
Spawned from: Nothing
Opens 1 more quest: 2 - GOAL: Clear the Land

GOAL: Clear the Land
GOAL: Clear the Land

2 - GOAL: Clear the Land

  • Clear Three Grass

  • Chop Down Two Trees

  • Clear One Rock

Description: You'll need some open space to make room for yer cabin.
Hint: Chop trees multiple times to cut them down. Only trees that take more than one chop count for missions.
Reward: 100 Coins, 6 XP
Posting Reward: 7 wood for 5 claimants

Spawned from: 1 - GOAL: Tend Your Homestead
Opens 2 more quests: 3 - GOAL: Start Building Your Cabin, 87 - GOAL: Find Lost Sheep