Frontierville Eggs: How to collect and eat 'em all

frontierville eggs

FrontierVille recently released a new goal called 'Collect a Dozen Eggs,' which requires your settler to collect (and eat) four white eggs, four brown eggs and four spotted eggs. Build a chicken coop and then whack it to collect eggs, and then Collect more from the finished coop on a daily basis. The goal hints that you'll probably need to build a second coop to find all of the eggs and complete the challenge.

Pro tip: If you don't want to build another chicken coop, simply buy a few coop frames from the Market, place them and whack them until it's time to start collecting materials. Whacking will drop eggs, and then when you get to the actual building part, you can simply sell the chicken coop. Rinse and repeat until you have found all 12 eggs.

Did you find all of the eggs yet? Missing an egg and looking for a trade? Leave a note in the comments below. Add comment.
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