FarmVille Gnomes: The Complete Gnome Collection

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In FarmVille, there's a gnome for every theme and occasion, whether it's Halloween, Thanksgiving, or even for working on your Crafting Cottages! To keep track of all the FarmVille gnomes, we've created a handy alphabetized table guide of all the names and pictures of the gnomes for you below.

So far, Zynga has designed 164 gnomes for its players since 2009, but not all of them have been released to players and some of them are the same gnomes, but just in different sizes. The gnomes that are still unavailable are listed in bold font.

Edit: Gnomes updated as of Feb. 14th, 2011, Tues. at 5:44 p.m. ET.

American Gnome

Aphrodite Gnome

Arctic Explorer Gnome
FarmVille autumn gnome
Autumn Gnome

Autumn Fairy Gnome
FarmVille gnome Bacchus Gnome
Bacchus Gnome (Sr.)

Ballet Girl Gnome

Balloon Gnome

Beach Gnome

Birthday Gnome

Black Heart Gnome

Black Knight Gnome
FarmVille gnome Bride Gnome
Bride Gnome
FarmVille gnome Bunny Gnome
Bunny Gnome

Butler Gnome

Butterfly Gnome

Cancan Gnome
FarmVille gnome Candied Gnome
Candied Gnome

Candy Cane Gnome

Candy Corn Gnome

Carnival Barker Gnome

Casanova Gnome
FarmVille gnome Cave Gnome
Cave Gnome

Centurion Gnome

Charro Gnome
Farmville gnome Chef Gnome
Chef Gnome (Sr.)
Farmville Chicken Gnome
Chicken Gnome

Chieftain Gnome

Christmas Carolers

Chrome Gnome

Clover Gnome

Cocoa Gnome

Conductor Gnome

Confetti Gnome
FarmVille gnome Cowboy Gnome
Cowboy Gnome
FarmVille gnome Cowgirl Gnome
Cowgirl Gnome

Cricket Gnome
FarmVille gnome Cupid Gnome
Cupid Gnome

Dark Cupid Gnome

Detective Gnome

Disco Ball Gnome

Drummer Boy Gnome
FarmVille gnome Dutch Gnome
Dutch Gnome
FarmVille gnome Dutch Girl Gnome
Dutch Girl Gnome
FarmVille gnome Elf Gnome
Elf Gnome
FarmVille gnome Elf Girl Gnome
Elf Girl Gnome

England Chef Gnome
FarmVille gnome Eskimo Gnome
Eskimo Gnome

Fairy Gnome

Fairy Leaf Gnome

Fall Pilgrim Gnome
Fame Gnome
Fame Gnome
FarmVille Fairy Flower Gnome
Fairy Flower Gnome

Fairy Godmother Gnome

Father Gnome
festival gnome
Festival Gnome

Fisherman Gnome
Flamenco Gnome
Flamenco Gnome

Flying Kite Gnome
FarmVille Gnome Franken Bride
Franken Bride Gnome
FarmVille gnome Franken Gnome
Franken Gnome
FarmVille gnome Garden Gnome
Garden Gnome

Gardener Gnome
FarmVille Gentleman Gnome
Gentlemen Gnome
FarmVille German Gnome
German Gnome
FarmVille Ghost Gnome
Ghost Gnome

Gift Giving Gnome
FarmVille gnome Gingerbread Gnome
Gingerbread Gnome
FarmVille Gnome Ref
Gnome Ref
FarmVille Gnome Sprinkler
Gnome Sprinkler

Gold Gnome
FarmVille gnome Groom Gnome
Groom Gnome

Gourd Gnome

Gum Drop Gnome

Harvest Gnome

Headless Horseman
FarmVille gnome Heart Broken Gnome
Heart Broken Gnome

Heart Candy Gnome

Holiday Gnome

Ice Fishing Gnome

Ice Gnome Sculpture

Inn Keeper Gnome

Irish Girl Gnome

Jack Frost Gnome

Jack O Lantern

Kissing Gnomes

Knight Gnome

Koala Gnome

Leaf Fairy Gnome
FarmVille gnome Leprechaun Gnome
Leprechaun Gnome

Leprechaun Girl Gnome

Lighthouse Keeper Gnome

Lobster Gnome

Love Bug Gnome

Love Struck Gnome

Male Fairy Gnome

Mandolin Gnome

Maple Leaf Gnome

Mariachi Gnome
FarmVille gnome Master Gnome
Master Gnome
FarmVille Mechanic Gnome
Mechanic Gnome

Mime Gnome
FarmVille gnome Mr Swiss Gnome
Mr Swiss Gnome
FarmVille gnome Miss Swiss Gnome
Miss Swiss Gnome

Mom Day Gnome

Monster Gnome

Mr & Mrs Cupid Gnomes
FarmVille gnome Mrs Claus Gnome
Mrs Claus Gnome
FarmVille gnome Mummy Gnome
Mummy Gnome

Mystery Gnome

Neptune Gnome
FarmVille gnome New Year Gnome
New Year Gnome

New Year Gnome (Lunar)

North Pole
(Naughty) Gnome
FarmVille gnome Nutcracker Gnome
Nutcracker Gnome

Nutcracker King

Ornament Gnome

Parisian Waiter Gnome
FarmVille gnome Pilgrim Gnome
Pilgrim Gnome
FarmVille gnome Pilgrim Girl Gnome
Pilgrim Girl Gnome

Piper Gnome

Pirate Girl Gnome

Pirate Gnome
FarmVille gnome Pocahontas Gnome
Pocahontas Gnome
FarmVille gnome Prince Gnome
Prince Gnome
FarmVille gnome Princess Gnome
Princess Gnome
FarmVille gnome Platinum Gnome
Platinum Gnome

Pumpkin Gnome

Purple Pumpkin Gnome
FarmVille Queen's Guard
Queen's Guard

Rainbow Gnome

Rainbow Chard Gnome
FarmVille gnome Reindeer Gnome
Reindeer Gnome

Romance Gnome
FarmVille Santa Gnome
Santa Gnome

Safari Gnome

Sailor Gnome
FarmVille gnome Silver Gnome
Silver Gnome

Skiing Gnome

Snowboard Gnome

Snowflake Gnome

Snowman Gnome

Snow Queen Gnome
FarmVille Spa Gnome
Spa Gnome (Sr.)
FarmVille Student Gnome
Student Gnome
FarmVille Surfer Gnome
Surfer Gnome
FarmVille gnome Swiss Alphorn
Swiss Alphorn

Teddy Bear Gnome

Tinsel Gnome

Tourist Gnome
FarmVille gnome Trawler
Trawler Gnome

Trick Or Treat Gnome

Troll Gnome

Tubing Gnome

Tuxedo Gnome
FarmVille gnome Valentine Gnome
Valentine Gnome
FarmVille gnome Vampire Gnome
Vampire Gnome
FarmVille gnome Venus Gnome
Venus Gnome

Werewolf Gnome

White Knight Gnome

Winter Fairy Gnome
FarmVille gnome Wizard Gnome
Wizard Gnome

Wonder Ice Gnome

Zombie Gnome

Chart Notes: When you see "Sr." listed next to a gnome, this indicates that there's actually two different sized versions of this gnome. The "Sr." version of the gnome is roughly one and a half times bigger than the normal gnome.
FarmVille Mystery Gnome
Also, the "Mystery Gnome" looks ordinary, but it's actually gigantic! (Image credit goes to HatchetHolic on

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Which FarmVille gnome is your favorite? How many have you collected?
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