FarmVille Sneak Peak: 7 Days of Summer Sale

FarmVille Mystery Game Animals: Beaver, Weasel, Camargue Horse
What better way to celebrate summer than a FarmVille past item sale? As Lexilicious explained yesterday, this upcoming week will be a special one in the Market. Every 24 hours past items will be returning! The sale will start August 9th at 12:01 a.m.

  • Monday = Yukon and California theme
  • Tuesday = French Chateau theme
  • Wednesday = Adobe theme
  • Thursday = Tuscany theme
  • Friday= Island theme
  • Saturday = Japanese Garden theme
  • Sunday = UFO theme

In an email from Zynga today players got a preview of some of those items! As well as a sneak as some upcoming Mystery Game prizes!
FarmVille 7 Days of Summer Sale
NEW upcoming Mystery Game prizes:

* Beaver
* Weasel
* Camargue Horse


* Tiki Pig
* Yukon Elk
* Japanese Egret
* Yukon Grizzly Cub
* UFO Cow
* Adobe Bobcat
* Tuscan Horse (Haflinger Horse)


* Tuscan Farmhouse
* Japanese Manor
* Tiki Tree House
* Tuscan Observatory
* Adobe Mansion


* Ufo
* Tiki Statue
* Momiji
* Chateau Pool
* Tuscan Fountain
* Tiki Volcano

Which of these items are you most excited for?

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