Best guacamole? We rank the house brands


Pop quiz, Money College Readers. (Yeah, I know we're not in school yet, but work with me here.) What's the best kind of dip for your tortilla chip? Sure, salsa can be sublime, and queso is quite compelling. But, in Store Brand Scorecard's opinion, nothing's greater than guacamole. (Ideally) chock full of fresh avocados and seasoned with lime juice, it's the perfect dip for summer, or a great topper for your fresh-grilled burger if you're tired of the cheese-tomato-lettuce-onion combo.

Now I remember a time when you had to make guacamole yourself or order it at a restaurant. But nowadays, you can find the stuff in the produce section in your grocery store. What great times we live in.

But just because it's accessible doesn't mean it's necessarily worth buying. And as any guac lover knows, the stuff can go from green to brown after just a few too many minutes of room temperature exposure. So Store Brand Scorecard gleefully tried out four brands -- one national brand and three store brand varieties -- to find out which one was most worth its green. All products were purchased on Aug. 1 in the Chicago area; prices are subject to change.