Ace of Space: Gardening From the Ceiling

ace of space, gardening, tammy strobel
ace of space, gardening, tammy strobel

Vertical gardening and window farming is all the rage this summer. And the latest trend in the gardening world is called string gardening. The idea is simple: Grow your vegetables from the ceiling instead of the floor. Plus, string gardens don't take up much space and are a simple yet elegant addition to any room.

Rachel Cernansky from Planet Green said, "Fedor van der Valk, a clever guy from the Netherlands, has worked out a way to grow a surprising range of plants, from (small) trees to flowers to tomatoes."

Originally Fedor created these gardens as an art installation. By using string, moss, grass, and bowls, these plants are transformed into living works of art, similar to the Japanese botanical style, kokedama.